Present Scenario

 Most of the times gates are open which leads to entry of all kinds of vehicles in the premises.

  Security guards are ineffective in allowing selective vehicles in the premises due to lack of proper identification system.

 The system of opening the gate is manual and dependent upon the availability of guard.

 One vehicle follows the other without proper identification.

 Manual recording of events is prone to error.

Project 1

RFID Technology

  RFID is a wireless technology that is being used for tracking and identification of vehicles

  With this technology every vehicle whether stationary or moving can be networked and identified without the need of line of sight.

 All communication happens through two type of sensors called reader and tag/label

  Tags are tiny sensors that are pasted on vehicles. They have a unique identification number making the vehicle on which it is placed 'unique' and also some limited memory to store necessary data like vehicle no, UID no etc.

 Reader is a device that can sense tags around its field, communicate with them and transmit the tag's data to the LAN/internet

How Does RFID Work


Each authorized vehicle is affixed with a tamper proof tag

RFID Based Access Control System suppliers

Vehicle is verified by reader at the entrance rfid

RFID Based Access Control System

Reader triggers the boom barrier to open automatically after verification

 Vehicle can be identified from a distance of 5-6m even when moving at a speed of 20kmph

  Passwordprotected verification allows only registered vehicles to enter ensuring greater security

 Boom barrier is automatically triggered on verification thus saving time and errors as well as avoiding manual dependence

  Records event with date and time stamp

 Tamper proof features to avoid duplication or malpractices

Solution Components


RFID Tamper Proof Adhesive Type Tag


 RFID Antenna
RFID Based Access Control System suppliers

 RFID Fixed Reader

RFID Based Access Control System suppliers

Antenna Mounting Sta
RFID Based Access Control System

RFID Handheld Reader

RFID Based Access Control System

RF Cable

Tagging Process of Vehicles

 RFID tagging and registration of vehicles is a one time process.

  RFID passive sticker type tag is pasted on front windshield for 4 wheelers and on front doom or on non-metallic surface of 2 wheelers.

  Unique number (UID) is generated and written ontothe RFID tag memory using RFID reader.

  RFID reader will be used to write UID and unique password for each customer, with the option to block re-write of memory.

  For security reasons UID is mapped with database at backend.

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Rajudyog Reader Advantage

 Sleek reader and antenna design/p>

  In-house product

  2 MB Flash memory –Standalone system.

  Standard relay setup inbuilt –easy integration with any standard boom barriers.

  Ethernet interface –Access anywhere in the network.

  Inbuilt controller.

  Can be easily integrated with any 3rdparty software.

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