Passage width (Max) : < 550mm

 Throughput rate : 35 P/M

 Power Supply : 100V ~ 240V AC

 Operational Voltage : 24V DC

 Max Power Consumption : 30W

 Frequency : 50Flz ~ 60Flz

 Protection Level (IP) : > 44

 Working Temperature : -25° ~ +70°

 Electro-magnetic Drive : DC

 Dimension excluding bars :800 X 280 X 960 mm

 Weight: FB-TL-119-L/R : 40kg

Feature :

 Use IC cards, ID cards, bar code or magnetic cards as automatic identification system.

 Display has been in use for statistics and numbers

 A combination of infrared sensors and police anti-illegal entry into pedestrian access.

 Double anti-clipping function, photocell anti-clipping and mechanical anti-clipping

 The barrier can be set to delay closing in 1 ~ 60s after a valid card reading

 Single passage in the set direction

 Bi-directional single passage

 Plastic toughened glass

 Always free or locked

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